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About Us

We are a team of energised professionals including Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, and Advocate etc. with meticulous track record. We are one of the leading providers of financial and business advisory, internal audit, statutory audit, corporate governance, & international taxation and regulatory services. With a global approach to service delivery, we respond to clients complex business challenges with a broad range of services across industry sectors and national boundaries.

We are engaged in a valuable service to the nation through the noble profession of Chartered Accountancy. It caters to various segments of business organizations, irrespective of their size, form, nature of business, location and job requirements. The company has been established with the aim of providing a wide range of accounting, auditing, taxation and financial services & consultancy to clients in India. We believe that Time change, Business change, People change. Delightfully unchanged is the sheer joy of learning, upgrading one's skills, understanding and finding solutions to the problems - which is stimulating, exciting and satisfying. And that is the trip of a true professional. We have been rendering a multitude of services under one roof, in the field of accountancy, internal audit, statutory audit, tax audit, direct and indirect taxation, corporate law, management consultancy and other allied areas. We are serving clients across various industries and believe in providing comprehensive solutions to assist our clients in meeting the challenges of a dynamic business environment. We have been associated with various national & International recognized associations in the field of our profession.

  • FTFINNTAX is committed to be a multi-disciplinary business consulting organization, providing services with high level of trust and integrity.
  • Turn knowledge into value for the benefit of client.
  • To continually strive to achieve excellence, Identification of right source of finance with the financial institutions.

Our mission is to be a global corporate leader, wherein our services and expertise are cited as the examples of quality expertise.

  • We believe in offering top quality services to our global clients.
  • Offering proactive services and delivering effective, reliable dependable advice maintaining the highest level of confidentiality & integrity. Delivering results within time frame maintaining the highest level of accuracy.
  • Provide value-driven results to our clients;
  • Provide quality services to clients through team of best people;
  • Uphold the highest professional standards and provide sound advice;
  • Strengthen our reputation as trusted business advisers; and
  • Win and maintain trust of all business associates and employees.

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